Monday, June 21, 2010

Ohh Monday

Today was a bit more of a strain than it needed to be, and there's just way too much insane energy floating around for people to be completely oblivious to it. I'm pretty sure this 12-21-2012 polar shift theory will happen, and it's about time Mother Nature turned around and gave all of us a good bitch slap. We need it... The human species are way too arrogant, money-hungry and abusive to all their surroundings, and we deserve the whopping we're about to get dished out to all of us. Blah~ Soooo much on my mind and so few fingers and keys to share thoughts with. My best friend was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease... I think this will be a few entries all on its own, but if you have the means, please take the time to watch a movie called, "Under Our Skin." It's a documentary about this disease and all of the political bullshit surrounding it. I bet you'll learn at least ten new things by watching it, and if you don't, then comment on my blog and call me a liar. I just moved into a new space, and my finacee is 1000 miles away - I feel... Well, I don't know. I don't feel lonely. I have a multitude of amazing people surrounding me always. I feel... Stagnant? No... That's too dramatic. I don't know a word to describe my feelings, but what I do know is I don't like it. I think I am just way too stressed out over finances (and who isn't right now) and I guess I can't really bitch to my friends about it, so my venting outlet is gone, so I am stifled. Yeah!! That's it... I am purposely stifling myself. I am muting my own voice and causing this internal claustrophobia... Hmmm. Well, now that I have figured it out, guess I better go do something about it, huh? Thanks, blog. You've been therapeutic once again. I'll write more later and make more sense, but for now, this is all the sense I needed to make happen for me, so you're SOL for now. hehe ~Z

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