Thursday, May 6, 2010

Donate Your Hair To Help Clean The Oil Spill!!

I honestly had never heard about this until today!!! You can donate hair; human, animal, nylon, etc... To help clean up the oil spill and save lives!!! How neat is that?! Apparently, hair holds oil like none other, (which is why we have to wash it all the time... Duh.) and so this group makes these huge hair mats from donated hair to help "sweep" up all the oil to help save our environment and the affected sea life. Aaaannnddd - The hair is placed with mushrooms, and somehow it pulls the oil out of the hair making the hair compost able!!! Not only is it helping the environment, but it's good for the environment when all is done! Anywhoo~ I am completely excited about finding this out, and I have been sending the link to everyone I know. Most of my friends are dog owners, volunteer for a rescue/shelter or work with animals or human hair, so I am sharing this with everyone I know!! Please spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested! You can view the page to sign up by clicking here.



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My First Blog

I guess the proper thing to do here is introduce myself. Currently, I am 31 and live in the Seattle area. My interests are music, animals, current events, sustainability and entertainment. I have many more interests, but those are essentially the main things I can foresee coming up as constants in my blog.

Some background on me: I was adopted at birth and born in California and my family and I moved to Washington state when I was 3… I have some recollection of living in California, and I even remember being born. (Yes, I have been told have the memory of an elephant.) I finally found my biological roots on my mother’s side when I was 26, and have spoken to my biological mother, sisters and brother. Unfortunately, my biological mother passed last June from alcohol abuse. Growing up, I was extremely fortunate to have such a nurturing and caring family! My parents raised me and supported anything I wanted to do – Tap, ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and modern dance classes, gymnastics, music theatre, private voice lessons, touring with Columbia Girls Choir, trips to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Greece, England, Ireland, Scotland, and many more… I guess you can say traveling is a big passion, too.

Singing on stage is the one place I have ever felt like I can fully release anything that’s in my mind… It’s kind of a focused meditation for me, as well as receiving tattoos. (Currently, I have 29 tattoos, and no, my parents are not fans of this fact…)

So, there’s a little background on me, and more to come soon!!

Thank you for reading!