Thursday, June 24, 2010

HTC Droid Incredible - Review Part 1

Alright, I admit it… I switched from AT&T to Verizon back in the day because their phones were cuter. That was my only reason behind it. At the time that I switched, there was a Nokia phone with a see-thru faceplate and you could design and create your own faceplate, and even print a photo on paper they provided for you in order to customize the look of your phone. After that, came the LG Chocolate and I LOVED being able to use my phone as an MP3 player. Next came the LG Dare, and it was a niftier version of the Chololate with a touch screen and was a little more user-friendly. I have now graduated to the new HTC Droid incredible. The commercials caught my attention (the one with the robot using the phone) and their marketing team had a great campaign to push their new baby. I was intrigued… Was this phone as ‘Incredible” as they claim it to be? I HAD to get this phone, so I went in an pre-ordered my new toy.

I finally got it in the mail three weeks later, and the packaging was very durable and well organized. I had ordered a package deal with accessories: A red fading to black hard case, a Motorolla Bluetooth headset, a car charger with a separate USB input to charge a separate device, and screen covers. I was daintily opening the package… Well, who am I kidding. I ripped into it like I was 5 again and this was the last Christmas present I got to open (because you know the last your parents gave you was always the one thing you really wanted) – The battery was red. Neat! After opening the whole thing, I popped the battery in and started the charging process. My dad and I were meeting up to go to the double bobblehead Ichiro and Ken Griffey, Jr. night at Safeco to watch the Mariners, and I figured it would be at a full charge by the time I got home so I could play with it.

I have now had the phone for almost a week, and here is my review. First off, the Verizon hard-shelled case. It doesn’t quite match up on all the sides, and I am afraid if I catch it on something while taking out of a pocket, it may come off. It’s not too bad, but bad enough to catch my attention the first time I put the case on.

Alright, the phone: I powered it up, and began to set it up. The phone began to automatically run a set up tutorial where it walked me through my settings and the basics on how to use my phone. I felt like I was about to go into a game of FFXIII or something, and I was learning how to use my weapon. Anywhoo, I went through the process of setting it up, and on my last phone, I had installed a free app called “Back-Up Assistant” – I HIGHLY recommend this for EVERY Verizon customer. After I had set my phone up, it linked to my old phone’s Back-Up, and pulled all my contacts onto my new phone. I didn’t have to go to the store and have them do that computer thingy for an hour!!! YAY!! This made me happy. The internet is fast, and I have not had any issues with anything crashing when I am running multiple apps. I have discovered that my pervious blog post is now null and void – I could not save a ringtone from MMS, so I am still trying to figure that one out. I just don’t like having to pay for them every time I get a new phone. One bonus is, it also pulled my voicemail… I didn’t have to set this up brand new AND I had three messages on there I was saving from my biological mom from over a year ago and I was afraid they would have been erased but they were still on there. I have noticed the two most difficult things to do, however, is make a call, and text a picture. I mean, it’s not “hard”, but way more difficult than any phone I have ever had. There are tons of free apps for this phone, and it comes with a fun game, too. I highly recommend it, and might write another review as I use more things on it. Till next time, take care of you and yours.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HTC Droid Incerdible - Saving MMS Ringtone To Your Phone

Hello! Alright, so since I just figured this out, I thought I would share - Did you just get the new HTC Droid Incredible, and you would like to use one of the various "make-your-own-ringtone" websites so you can send and save on your new shiny toy like me? What you have to do is:

1. Make your ringtone (Duh) and send it to your phone via MMS
2. When you receive the file, DO NOT open it... Instead, press and hold a finger on just the message, not the file.
3. After holding your finger on there for about 4 seconds, a save option will pop up. Save the ringtone, and then you can set it as a ringtone under the "Music" option in your phone.

Sounds easy enough, but it was a total pain trying to figure it out. (I have been a loyal LG customer for 6 years, and HTC/Droid settings kinda threw me.

Take care, enjoy your new phone, and feel free to post other tips and tricks for HTC DI users. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ohh Monday

Today was a bit more of a strain than it needed to be, and there's just way too much insane energy floating around for people to be completely oblivious to it. I'm pretty sure this 12-21-2012 polar shift theory will happen, and it's about time Mother Nature turned around and gave all of us a good bitch slap. We need it... The human species are way too arrogant, money-hungry and abusive to all their surroundings, and we deserve the whopping we're about to get dished out to all of us. Blah~ Soooo much on my mind and so few fingers and keys to share thoughts with. My best friend was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease... I think this will be a few entries all on its own, but if you have the means, please take the time to watch a movie called, "Under Our Skin." It's a documentary about this disease and all of the political bullshit surrounding it. I bet you'll learn at least ten new things by watching it, and if you don't, then comment on my blog and call me a liar. I just moved into a new space, and my finacee is 1000 miles away - I feel... Well, I don't know. I don't feel lonely. I have a multitude of amazing people surrounding me always. I feel... Stagnant? No... That's too dramatic. I don't know a word to describe my feelings, but what I do know is I don't like it. I think I am just way too stressed out over finances (and who isn't right now) and I guess I can't really bitch to my friends about it, so my venting outlet is gone, so I am stifled. Yeah!! That's it... I am purposely stifling myself. I am muting my own voice and causing this internal claustrophobia... Hmmm. Well, now that I have figured it out, guess I better go do something about it, huh? Thanks, blog. You've been therapeutic once again. I'll write more later and make more sense, but for now, this is all the sense I needed to make happen for me, so you're SOL for now. hehe ~Z

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Donate Your Hair To Help Clean The Oil Spill!!

I honestly had never heard about this until today!!! You can donate hair; human, animal, nylon, etc... To help clean up the oil spill and save lives!!! How neat is that?! Apparently, hair holds oil like none other, (which is why we have to wash it all the time... Duh.) and so this group makes these huge hair mats from donated hair to help "sweep" up all the oil to help save our environment and the affected sea life. Aaaannnddd - The hair is placed with mushrooms, and somehow it pulls the oil out of the hair making the hair compost able!!! Not only is it helping the environment, but it's good for the environment when all is done! Anywhoo~ I am completely excited about finding this out, and I have been sending the link to everyone I know. Most of my friends are dog owners, volunteer for a rescue/shelter or work with animals or human hair, so I am sharing this with everyone I know!! Please spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested! You can view the page to sign up by clicking here.



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My First Blog

I guess the proper thing to do here is introduce myself. Currently, I am 31 and live in the Seattle area. My interests are music, animals, current events, sustainability and entertainment. I have many more interests, but those are essentially the main things I can foresee coming up as constants in my blog.

Some background on me: I was adopted at birth and born in California and my family and I moved to Washington state when I was 3… I have some recollection of living in California, and I even remember being born. (Yes, I have been told have the memory of an elephant.) I finally found my biological roots on my mother’s side when I was 26, and have spoken to my biological mother, sisters and brother. Unfortunately, my biological mother passed last June from alcohol abuse. Growing up, I was extremely fortunate to have such a nurturing and caring family! My parents raised me and supported anything I wanted to do – Tap, ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and modern dance classes, gymnastics, music theatre, private voice lessons, touring with Columbia Girls Choir, trips to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Greece, England, Ireland, Scotland, and many more… I guess you can say traveling is a big passion, too.

Singing on stage is the one place I have ever felt like I can fully release anything that’s in my mind… It’s kind of a focused meditation for me, as well as receiving tattoos. (Currently, I have 29 tattoos, and no, my parents are not fans of this fact…)

So, there’s a little background on me, and more to come soon!!

Thank you for reading!